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Why are we here?

Leading causes of death in the world

Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) and Cancer are the leading causes of death and morbidity in the world, being considered as the major barriers to sustainable human development. WHO estimates that the number of new cases for each one of these diseases will increase by up to 70% in the next 20 years due to aging population.




  • 2nd Cause of death and morbidity globally
  • 43 MM patients
  • 9 MM/yr people dead from Cancer
  • 1/6 of all death are attributable to Cancer


  • 1st Cause of death and morbidity globally
  • 422 MM patients
  • 18 MM/yr people dead from CDVs
  • 1/3 of all death are attributable to CDVs



Drug Discovery And Development



12.3 years

average time before a drug is approved


$2.6 B 

average spend to bring a drug to market



average drug success rate to commercialization

Currently Drug Discovery and Development process are time-consuming, expensive, with a high rate of failure  and once drugs reach the market some still may fail due to the differences in populations.

This rise far more concern in Latam developing countries which is the faster-aging region in the world and which accounts for only 5% of the populations studied in Drug development processes.

What would happen if we speed up the search for life-saving drugs taking account the population differences and the major drawbacks since the beginning?. Well the chances boost up. This is why Cellter is born. This is why we’re here.


All action is an opportunity. To learn. To change… Get better

We’re a biotech startup combining AI-powered big data and drug design solutions to speed Up the search for diagnostics, medicines and therapies. We are solving the equation between time, costs, risk and efficiency. Creating revolutionary nano drugs to treat high incidence diseases and finding new therapies for unmet medical needs that will deliver life-changing innovations for all.

What if… we change the way drugs are made, without changing what
we need about it: effectivity, precision, safety.

We have the best Scientist: Node (a.k.a Panchito), our Artificial Intelligence engine based on algorithms that analyze scientific and clinical data at the molecular and physiological levels to infers what are the underlying causes of disease. Node crosses different data sources in search of pharmaceutical active ingredients and nanocarriers to best target it. The result? Outstanding nano-drug formulas with increased therapeutic and safety properties in a speed record time. This is translated to faster discovery and development of therapies, more effective precision treatments for patients with an improved R&D Economics that can positively impact on the costs to our healthcare systems.


The team

We are a team of over 15 scientists and Top Notch Advisors with extensive worldwide experience in Pharma and Healthcare. All fully commited to reinvent the medicine we need, now. 

Matías Jara

Co-Founder & Chief Executive

Álvaro González

​Co-Founder & Chief Technology

Matías Jaureguiberry

Head of Science & Product Development Officer

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We are continuously developing very advanced Ai Solutions to improve patients experiences in healthcare to…. get better