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Check out how our AI-technology Node (A.K.A Panchito) is generating an outstanding pipeline of prolific life-saving Nanomedicines

About Endo T

Endot is our custom Nanomedicine that produce an accurate, more efficient  and faster Stem Cell Mobilization, with less probabilities of generate Undesired Side Effects making it suitable for use in wide therapeutic indications such as Oncology, Cardiovascular, Blood, Neurological and Metabolic Disorders, Orthopedic Treatments, Diabetes, Injuries and Wounds, Immunodeficiency and Inmmunotherapy.

EndoT has game-changing novel therapeutic applications in regenerative medicine, sports medicine, cosmetics. EndoT functional properties make it appropriate not only for its use in clinical practice. EndoT has a complete package of new biotechnological applications making it suitable to be an end-to-end solution for its use in each step of production of the next-generation technologies of personilized cell therapy.

Stem cells, the future of biotechnology
and regenerative medicine

After several decades of experiments, stem cell therapy is becoming a magnificent medicine game-changer, the proved capabilities of stem cells are growing and have become a very promising and advanced clinical research topic.

Today are running more than 100 clinical trials for Mesenchymal Stem Cells, and more than 1600 for Hematopoietic Stem Cells indications in Oncology, Cardiovascular, Blood , Neurological and Metabolic Disoreders, Orthopedic Treatments, Diabetes, Injuries and Wounds, Immunodeficiencies and other therapeutic applications in regenerative medicine, sports medicine, and cosmetics.

The influence of stem cells in regenerative medicine and transplantology is immense. Biotech Industry related to Stem Cell Acquisition and Testing, Cell Production, Immunotherapy, Expansion, Subculture, Production of stem cells factors and Cryopreservation have grown exponentially and Tissue banks are becoming increasingly popular, as they gather cells that are the source of regenerative medicine in a struggle against present and future diseases. With stem cell therapy and all its regenerative benefits, we are better able to prolong human life and its quality than at any time in history.

Drawbacks: Current stem cell mobilizers are time consuming and inefficient.

Time consuming

7 days
Average time of movilization therapy

Multiple doses needed

4 injections
Average doses to achieve effectivity

Adverse side effects


Stem cell mobilizers drugs are time-consuming, need multiple doses , and generates strong undesired side effects such as pain, vomits and hemorrhage. Making them unsuitable to be used in next-generation therapeutic applications. Such as in the regenerative medicine services, sports medicine, and cosmetics, in which the undesired secondary effects generated are not going to be masked by other drugs.

About EndOX

EndOX formulation developed by cellter provides the first nano drug that triggers cellular antioxidative processes improving cell homeostasis and vascular regeneration. It is based on a bioengineered nano drug that triggers increased antioxidative processes over targeted cells. The use of our product will decrease the rate of injuries in healthy tissues and improve the treatment of the injured ones. It will improve apheresis treatments by providing an enhanced microenvironment for stem cells implant in the damaged tissue reducing the time necessary to achieve oncological and tissue regenerative processes. Our unpalalleled formulation will allow us to deliver next-generation antioxidative cell therapies.

Our Pipeline

We are using our AI-technology Node (A.K.A Panchito) to generate our own pipeline of prolific therapeutic molecules and diagnostics for the following Therapeutic areas.



Stem cell mobilization


Oncology Dx

The next evolution
of health development

Node (A.K.A Panchito) is a end-to-end Artificial Intelligence platform to accelerate innovation in healthcare. It’s able to connect patients, Healthcare providers, Academy and Pharma industry to speed-up the search and development of biomarkers, medicines, and therapies democratizing data sharing and redistributing the benefits from the development of healthcare solutions among Academy, Industries and above all to Patients.


Save time, resources,
low risks and increase your R&D

Enjoy the advantages of Node, our software created with Artificial Intelligence and trained with Machine Learning algorithms that perform a rational, intensely iterative approach to drug discovery, repurposing and development while performing a clinical insight throughout the process to identify and solve the greatest patient and clinical needs.

Node Takes market insights to deliver the most efficient development pathways and the best commercial opportunities to increase the chance of seeing our disrupting medicines being delivered to the patients. The result is a prolific and sustainable discovery engine of potent and specific Nanopharmaceutical drug candidates, that has already produced breakthrough nano drugs agents for the potential treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer, Sepsis and general tissue regeneration. 

Unparalleled Speed and Efficiency

We are able to search for custom novel molecules or repurpose previous ones and transform your drug formulations in a highly effective next-generation nano drug in a small fraction of time over current R&D methods, with the most efficient costs of production and improved benefits such as:

Increased effectivity
Increased bioavailability
Targeted bioavailability
Retarded bioavailability
Custom population-based pharmacokinetics

We are able to design nano pharmaceutical drugs according to the drug strategy you need or redesign your drug formulation to target new markets, customers, and needs in a speed record time, to improve human lives.



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